compiling a book at the age of 12 years

Every child dreams of growing up to be a superhero. Fictional superheroes use their super powers to save lives, but sometimes all a real super hero needs is a little bravery and sacrifice to truly make a difference in the lives of other. But writing down that dream and compiling it into a book at a mere age of 12 years is an achievement itself.

Nandni pouranik, a 8th standard student, who dreamt of becoming a superhero, like every other kids, has come up with her own book named ‘Tenacious 3’. This book showcases the story of 3 superheroes- Nitya, Niya and Nisha who are trying to save people from the attack, when no one believes in their story. It would be interesting to see how these 3 superheroes are able to save lives of people. For coming up with such a worth reading book, she got a appreciation letter from

  • Mrs. Sapna Maini, W/O Major General Sanjay Maini, GOC 14 Rapid Strike
  • Brig. RS Manral Brigade Commander 116 Infantry Brigade.
    Also, she got a appreciation prize from Col. Anuj Bhatnagar, CO 414 field hospital. Nandni, herself is obsessed with BTS and Harry Potter series. Coming from an army background, she is brave courageous and ready to lend a helping hand. Apart from writing, she loves listening to music, reading and day dreaming.

She believes that anyone can be a superhero. The person who helps others mostly when in need is a real superhero of all time.

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